The Easter Egg

240.00 ฿
  • The Easter Egg
The Easter Egg The Easter Egg The Easter Egg The Easter Egg The Easter Egg

The Easter Egg

240.00 ฿

You're just a few steps away from enjoying insanely good chocolate


The most delicious Easter Egg!

Homemade peanut butter fluff and marshmallow creme nuzzled in a crisp, fruity dark chocolate shell.

Crafted with Chanthaburi cacao, this chocolate is fruity and bright which works so well with the fillings. Unlike most confectionary eggs which can be overwhelmingly sweet, these eggs hit just the right notes of fun candy crossed with artisan craft chocolate. 

No artificial flavorings or colors - as usual - the white chocolate here is single origin coconut white chocolate and made in house.

Each egg weighs 25g, so that's 50g per pack (weight varies somewhat as these are all hand poured and molded).

Ingredients: Thai chocolate (Chanthaburi cacao, organic sugar, cocoa butter); white chocolate (cocoa butter, organic sugar, coconut); peanut butter fluff (peanut butter, butter, confectionary sugar, salt, honey) marshmallow creme (corn syrup, egg white, vanilla, cream of tartar, salt).