Nat made her first batch of buttercrunch in 2011. A lot has happened since 2011, but one thing remains constant - buttercrunch is still Nat’s favorite confection and it remains one of her bestseller’s, whether in the US or in Thailand.

What Nat loves most about this confection is its simplicity of ingredients, yet complexity of execution. 

Consisting of little more than 100% premium French butter and pure cane sugar, this classic candy is cooked right to the edge of a frighteningly intense high heat and then poured - bubbling, popping and hissing - over toasted nuts onto a sheet pan where it sets and cools. Getting the ingredients to the right temperature is crucial. 

Once cooled, freshly tempered dark bittersweet XN65 chocolate (Nat’s own in-house 65% couverture made with Thai cacao) is spread over the crisp, dark amber brown sheet of buttercrunch toffee, and then topped with fresh, toasted nuts.