Nat developed the Badass Bar Series because she wanted to combine the fine flavor and mindful ethics of craft chocolate with the sense of play and devil-may-care indulgence that comes with impulse-buy check-out line candy bars.

By delicately combining the two ideals, Nat crafted a chocolate bar that looks and tastes like an adult chocolate bar on the outside, but once bitten into reveals a surprisingly fun and delicious inside full of wildly concocted caramels, marshmallow créme and other inclusion ganaches designed specifically to appeal to the child in all of us.

Labor intensive and demanding in confectionary skill, Nat crafts these bars mold by mold with extreme care and uses her own bean-to-bar chocolate couverture made from direct-traded Thai cacao to finish the bars.

There are currently three different Badass Bars to choose from: Kokomo, Dizzy Bops and Siam Saap. What Kind of Badass Are You?