Dizzy Bops Badass Bar

340.00 ฿
  • Dizzy Bops Badass Bar
Dizzy Bops Badass Bar Dizzy Bops Badass Bar Dizzy Bops Badass Bar Dizzy Bops Badass Bar

Dizzy Bops Badass Bar

340.00 ฿

You're just a few steps away from enjoying insanely good chocolate


The original Badass Bar. This 65% dark chocolate bar is filled with a natural peanut butter ganache, crunchy toffee gravel, a flair of chipotle spice and finished with a light dusting of French Maldon salt. This recipe has followed Nat from the US and remains to be a favorite. 

120 -125g per bar. Each bar is hand-poured so expect some slight variation in weight. Crafted with Thai cacao.
Ingredients: Dark chocolate made with Thai cacao (65% cacao solids, cocoa butter, sugar), natural peanut butter, sugar, toffee (made with butter, sugar, baking soda), cocoa butter, salt, chipotle

For the chocolate nerd: In-depth Bar Details
Nat wanted to make a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but she wanted it to be without palm oil, the chocolate to actually be chocolate and for it to be as delicious as she remembered these iconic cups to be from childhood. But since Nat is (kinda) grown-up now, she wanted a more complex flavor and decided on one of her favorite spices - chipotle. And because she loves buttercrunch, why not add some of that for textural, sensory joy? Yes, why not.

PS, Nat named this bar after the famous Jazz musician Dizzy Gillepsie after hearing the song 'Salt Peanuts' while listening to some bebop in the kitchen. She's pretty sure this Badass Bar will have you bopping along like a kid eating something so delicious you’ve got to do a happy dance.

Production process: In-house grounded peanut butter, two different confections, combining and balancing flavors before lining and wrapping with in-house couverture; or, three pours, three days production to achieve final product.

The most delicious bite.