Siam Saap (Vegan) Badass Bar

340.00 ฿
  • Siam Saap (Vegan) Badass Bar
Siam Saap (Vegan) Badass Bar Siam Saap (Vegan) Badass Bar Siam Saap (Vegan) Badass Bar

Siam Saap (Vegan) Badass Bar

340.00 ฿

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This 65% dark chocolate bar is filled with a Tom Yum style caramel made with fresh Thai herbs and coconut cream. 100% vegan, spicy and uniquely delicious.

120 -125g per bar. Each bar is hand-poured so expect some slight variation in weight. Crafted with Thai cacao.
Ingredients: Dark chocolate made with Tha cacao (65% cacao soilds, cocoa butter, sugar), caramel (coconut milk, coconut oil, sugar, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, lime juice, lime zest, chilis, glucose, citric acid, vanilla extract, dessicated coconut)
For the Chocolate Nerd: In-Depth Bar Details

Back in December 2016 when Nat launched Xoconat (then called Xoco Asia) she was the first in Thailand to make a tom yum style caramel. Being half-Thai, Nat wanted to showcase her love for Thai cuisine alongside her love for chocolate. By infusing coconut cream with fresh Thai herbs, such as kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, chillis and lime, she reinvented the beloved national Thai dish Tom Yum into a mind-blowing caramel that she then wrapped in 65% dark chocolate. Made with local ingredients and Thai Cacao, this 100% vegan bar is totally Thai and totally awesome.

Production process: Fresh Thai herb preparation and infusion, caramel production, in-house couverture production, lining, filling and capping molds; or, four pours, three days production to achieve final product. 

Coconut cream infusion.