Xoconat is a small-batch premium bean-to-bar chocolate crafter and chocolatier based in Bangkok that is presently crafted by one woman only and that woman is Nat. 

Nat specializes in playful, bold chocolates and confections using time-honored classic candy-making techniques while taking inspiration from her multi-cultural background to create everything from Thai-inspired caramels to classic American style bars and buttercrunches.

The chocolate used in Xoconat products is crafted by Nat in small batches with cacao sourced directly from Thai farmers and within the Southeast Asian region. She pays premium prices for the beans she uses and has worked hard to establish good working relationships with the farmers she sources from. Xoconat enjoys a strong and loyal group of customers who come back to the brand again and again for unique, high-quality chocolates and confections.

Nat's products can be found at various Bangkok fairs/retailers and she delivers her chocolates made-to-order via motorcycle courier throughout Bangkok metropolis.

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Picture courtesy of Wendy Peterson.