Is there a minimum order requirement? Why do I get a "There is no shipping method available for your cart or address" message at check out?

Yes. Nat has a 600 baht minimum order fee. If you have ordered below 600 baht, the system will not allow you to check out. Why not pick up one more item? :)

How soon do I need to eat my Xoconat?

Nat generally recommends that Badass Bars and Xoco Crunches are eaten within 90 days of purchase for maximum freshness. The chocolate doesn't actually go bad within 90 days - far from it - but the caramel in the Badass Bars might crystallize a smidge and the buttercrunch might not be as snappy and toothsome as when eaten fresh. (But who on earth takes 90 days to eat delicious chocolate anyways?) If you are storing your Xoconat in the fridge, Nat advises that you let it sit at room temperature for around five minutes to allow the caramel to soften a bit. 

How should I store my Xoconat (especially in a hot and humid place like Bangkok) and how long does it actually last?

A fridge or wine fridge is a perfectly acceptable place to store your Xoconat. However, Nat recommends that you store your chocolate in a sealed container in the fridge, so that it does not absorb odors from other foods. Since there is no water activity in the caramel/buttercrunch due to the high heat these confections must be cooked to, caramel can last from 6-9 months depending on how well it is stored in the fridge.

Straight up chocolate bars with no fillings can last a very long time. It just depends on your Chocolate Monster. 

Can I freeze my Xoconat?

Wow, you really have self-control don't you? ;) Actually, Badass Bars and Xoconat confections like bonbons and truffles can be kept in the freezer up to a year. But please wrap them very, very tightly in cellophane and store the chocolate in freezer bags. When ready to (finally) enjoy your Xoconat, move it to the fridge first. 

If I keep it in the fridge, won't it get that white cloudy discoloration (bloom)?

This is when the chocolate maker's skill at tempering comes into play. If they have not tempered the chocolate properly to begin with, then yes - this is a possibility. But, Nat has been tempering chocolate for eight years now and she is very serious about a good temper, so your Xoconat is always optimally tempered. She has never had her chocolate bloom in the fridge. However, if you take your chocolate out of the fridge, let it sit out and forget about it, in which case the chocolate sweats and then you put it back in the fridge, then - yes - you will get bloom. The water activity caused by the chocolate sweating will throw the chocolate out of temper. Is it still edible? Yes. Is it not as pretty anymore? Yes. Basically, be nice to your chocolate and don't let it suffer from large temperature swings and it will be fine. Or, just hurry up and eat it already. :)

Why can't I seem to checkout my items?

Have you ordered less than 600 baht? Nat's sorry, but minimum orders are 600 baht. Thank you. :)