One of my supreme passions is teaching customers how to work with chocolate in their home kitchens.

Recognizing that tempering chocolate is one of the major hurdles to home chocolatiers, I am offering a Skillshare class on how to temper chocolate using my favorite method -- tabling.

Use this link to take my class  and sign up for TWO FREE premium months of Skillshare with this link! I have been taking loads of classes on marketing, baking and digital art on Skillshare and have really enjoyed it. Enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to create my own class! So, go ahead -- use my link -- enjoy some great classes and help me out at the same time :)

This is a workshop that I offer in my studio and I am so happy that now anyone, anywhere can learn how to temper chocolate from Xoconat.

Xoconat's Skillshare Class